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      January 19, 2017 at 9:55 pm #3712

      After sending several emails for support sent to, none of my emails sent to support are ever replied to, nor have the issues been addressed or resolved. At this point of frustration I will air this in public since in private through emails you do not reply or seem to give a crap. This must change now. Let us start on how fast the DEVS are killing the game by the actions and inactions of the DEVS before I get into the issues. Lets hone the point into sharp focus here a bit. About a month ago you had 2.4 million downloads of this game. Today I see 2.7 million downloads. Yet US servers can not be logged into nor Europe, I don’t even see an Asia listed. Yet I see posts about an Asia server in the last few months. At this point it seems the only server is Russia. So lets forget the 2.4 or 2.7 million peeps for now (seems you already have anyway). Lets focus on 300,000 downloaded in the last month. How the hell do you expect to keep players in a game that can’t even play? On US servers it was 60 people per map (far cry from an MMO), 240 max players per server. Now on the Russian server I see 50 per map (that is what I see on Crater now). That is 200 peeps max on Russian server with 4 maps. How can 300,000 get the chance to play the game even? Unless someone is downloading the game to boost that number up falsely for Steam stats. Let us assume the downloads are legitimate. Even if say half of the downloads the peeps hardware or other issues keep them from playing the game. Then lets take it in half again that is 75,000 peeps that can log on and play the game. Now lets say that only 25,000 of them even like the game enough to continue playing. Where are all these peeps at? Where the hell are you DEVS at? Perhaps it is time to pull your heads out of the Intershelter crack you buried into and pay attention to what is going on here in The Skies, where peeps like me are paying you real money. Now other than the current 2.7, the month old 2.4 million and 300,000 difference rough estimate, the rest was hypothetical and I do not know the actual number of peeps who have logged in and tried the game. I would expect at least 5% of the 300,000 downloads this past month to be playing at any given time, if there was enough room on the servers for them to play. Clearly this is not possible in this current state to have 15,000 players on. Hard to get a good base of players that will subscribe or use cash to make in game purchase with numbers of 200 max players at any given time like it is currently.

      Now that I have your attention and you are focused lets get to some issues I have. Again these issues I had emailed about previously and was ignored with no reply or resolution, lets do this here in the open public then to air it all out. I have purchased a month of premium membership (again silly me), and do not receive the benefits as listed for the said benefits.

      1st issue – I have not received 30% gold bonus for PVE as advertised in #4 for premium membership. Gold and coin are not the same. I do get a coin bonus, but never any gold. As we pay cash for gold and exchange it for in game coin, the two are not the same. Gold is gold and coin is coin as defined in game. Perhaps a bug. If not a bug, the words gold and coin are not interchangeable in the description you provide for the premium benefit list as you advertise for #4. This would be misleading and considered bait and switch.

      2nd issue – 150% faster crating. Your math is wrong and I do not receive 150% benefit as listed in #5 of premium benefits listed, you are shorting me 50% faster crafting speed so check your math. I have checked a month ago and still you are not using the correct equation for 150% faster. You are only providing 100% faster. The key words are “faster crafting speed” this compares against the base speed which refers to the difference, not to the absolute amount or worded as just “crafting speed”. Right now with premium membership crafting takes 50% (half the time) to make an item. This is only 100% faster crafting speed or 2x faster. Items that take 1 minute to craft currently take 30 seconds to craft with premium membership and should be about 24 seconds at 150% faster crafting speed. This seems like peanuts when crafting ammo, however if you craft an item that takes 10 or 20 hours normally to craft. Then the difference from 100% to the actual 150% faster craft speed is huge. To help you understand the error look over these links below
      and section #3 at this next link

      3rd issue – I have not received any information for the Closed Testing environment as advertised #8 point of premium benefit. I have checked and only had access to U.S. 1, U.S. 2, Europe and RU. I think there is only one U.S. server anyway as I always end up playing with the same people no matter which US server I used to pick. Now I only have access to Russian server. No Closed Testing listed anywhere that I see and I should not be searching or looking for it still. I should know by now how to connect to it. I even checked Steam as some games make you pick test servers from that menu. Nothing on Steam for Closed Testing.

      4th issue – Did you merge the servers all to Russian server with out any notice? All my stuff in the auction storage is gone now since I can not log into US server. That is many hours of crafting, looting, game currency and gold lost because you moved my player to the Russian server and did not migrate the auction storage as well. When I buy gold with real cash and use it for currency or to accelerate crafting just to find you take my stuff away in the auction storage that I used some of my cash to buy or craft with. Well that is as good as stealing the cash spent on the game. This is inexcusable.

      Please resolve the issues. Words used in selling benefits have meaning and you have not delivered on your end after taking my money. Then to boot you take my auction stash which I used real cash to either accelerate crafting or traded for currency to purchase some of those items. Not to mention time spent in game to gather resources for some of the items as well. You never replied to any emails sent to for support where we could privately resolve the issues. Now please address all the issues here in public with a reply on what you will do for each issue to resolve them that I have listed for my player HappyFnCamper. Thank you, I look forward to the much needed response and resolutions.

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