Economy as it is

Stephen King once said: “We’ve switched from a culture that was interested in manufacturing, economics and politics – trying to play a serious part in the world – to a culture that’s really entertainment-based.” True… But I would say that today some spheres of entertainment, particularly gaming industry, become so realistic that you have all […]

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Say “no” to donate pressure

It becomes a stereotype that Free to Play means rough monetization in a game, which makes paying audience dominant. Of course, if we take into consideration modern MMOs, we can see paid units, clothes and weapons give players a lot of advantage. If a paying player donates, a player who doesn’t spend money has no […]

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Some people say that it’s a yet another Fallout online, another effort to create a hit. And it looks like this when ambitious project is announced by an unknown company. To record a video and say that we can make a strong world-class project is like to sell air we breathe. But we want to […]

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Why post-apocalypse?

This genre has become especially popular after the World War II, when the chances of humans’ annihilation by nuclear weapon had reached people’s consciousness. Certain authors, artists, and game developers choose this genre for their works even nowadays. Post-apocalyptic problem hasn’t left us indifferent as well. It’s not a surprise that besides nuclear weapon, humanity […]

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MMORPG – New approach

This game is not really an MMORPG in the proper sense of the word. In our innovative project story-line isn’t linear, it’s up to a player to create own game reality and decide on a proper role in it, which makes our game open both to social and single players. The main rule is quite […]

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